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Shufaa and her family

Every child has the right to grow up in a loving family

But around the world, millions of children are living in institutions, alone on the streets or in other exploitative situations.

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Why we're working to keep families together

The potential harms inflicted on children who have been detached from their families is well known. In residential homes, many children are made to endure unsuitable living conditions, without the freedom to make their own choices and little support when they leave. On the streets, they are denied access to education and medical care while being at greater risk of sexual abuse, criminal exploitation, violence and illness. Underpinning these experiences is a deep feeling of isolation that can last well into adulthood.  

The reasons why children become separated from their families, and their experiences while on the streets or in alternative care, vary across countries and cultures. But this is a global crisis – and we’re taking a stand. 

Until government systems prioritise support for struggling families or recognise a child's need for a nurturing environment to live a happy, healthy life, nothing will change. We are working to make sure that family-based care is a basic right for every child and considered with importance among decision-makers in India, Tanzania and the UK. Are you with us?