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It's not always easy to see when children are in danger

Thank you for helping us keep children safe in these difficult times. During this pandemic we need your support more than ever to reach them. 

Thousands of vulnerable children pass through UK railway stations every day. Most of us wouldn’t even spot that they were at risk.

We know how to spot the signs and reach children before it's too late. 

We work with children being groomed, those caught up in 'county lines' gangs, many running away from home and several struggling with poor mental health.

Our teams operate across the North West, London and Yorkshire but we want to expand our work adding more projects until we can create a safety net across the country for vulnerable young people.


Working with British Transport Police to keep children safe

Children running away from home or care don’t look any different to those making other essential journeys. Children carrying drugs for criminal gangs appear the same as those carrying food shopping. A child trapped in a violent and abusive home may be desperate to leave despite the risks of coronavirus.

Often they're trying to escape, using the rail network to run away from home or care. 

We work with BTP to train station staff and the rail community to look out for children in danger. Now when they find a child at risk they refer them to us. Then our project workers get in touch, talk to the child and their families and find out why they were putting themselves in such danger.