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You can make dreams come true for children in Tanzania

With your help we can grant children's wishes and transform lives

With your help we can grant children's wishes and transform lives

As we come to the end of 2021, most of us are looking forward to spending more time with friends and families and enjoying more freedom than we’ve been able to in recent times. But in many parts of the world, those living in poverty and trauma have been the hardest hit by the pandemic and children forced to live on the streets in Tanzania still struggle to access the most basic of needs.

We asked the children we work with in our projects there what they wished for if they could have anything this Christmas. 


Our research was part of a report submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child that we hope will help Tanzanian authorities protect and provide for these vulnerable children.

Each group was asked to draw their ‘dream future’ and explain to our teams what was in it.

Several had the same wild aspirations we’d expect of our own children – to be professional footballers, successful singers or fly planes – but most of them asked for simple things that they should not have to wish for.

The children asked for homes, for families, to be able to play, go to school, to feel safe and to be heard.

These should be the basic rights of any child. But our teams in Tanzania can help provide all these things for children and with your support this Christmas we can make these wishes a reality. Our Christmas campaign is asking you to Grant One Wish and your generosity will allow us to protect children who are alone and face abuse and exploitation, finding them safe homes to live in and supporting them back into education. We can improve family situations so parents can better care for their children and stay safe together.

With your help we can take care of the basics and leave children to dream of becoming astronauts and film stars. Like all children should.

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Your donations will transform the lives of children in Tanzania, India and the UK - wherever the need is greatest.