Your chance to listen again to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal by Dev Patel

  • Date: 11 November 2018

If you missed the broadcast last week, you can listen HERE to our charity appeal, recorded by Hollywood legend Dev Patel.




It was amazing to hear him talking about our work with such feeling and emotion on the radio. Thanks to Dev, millions of listeners were able to hear about how we’re fighting to make India’s stations safe for children like Saroo, the character Dev played in the film Lion. That movie helped us reach a new audience of thousands and we hope the Radio 4 broadcast will do the same.

The legacy of Lion and the power of the people

The legacy of Lion and the power of the people

Last year alone the BBC Radio 4 appeals raised over £1 million for good causes. It is so exciting for us to be part of that amazing group of charities this year and we can’t thank the BBC organisers, and Dev’s team, enough for their support in making this happen.

Every pound we raise through this appeal will help us keep fighting until no child ever has to live on the streets. In Lion we saw how dangerous India’s chaotic stations are for the thousands of children that are forced to survive there alone and in constant danger. We’re working to transform them into child friendly places and to keep these vulnerable children safe from harm.

Thank you to everyone who has already given. If you would like to donate, please use the link below rather than the BBC Radio 4 website.


Together we can reach even more children in India, Africa and here in the UK.

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