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Huw Merriman, families and special guests enjoy Midland Pullman charity journey

On Thursday 9th May, in glorious sunshine, the iconic Midland Pullman set off from London Paddington on a tour of England’s beautiful countryside, with some very special guests on board.

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All proceeds from the grand tour will fund Railway Children’s work across the UK, India and Tanzania – helping children live safe, secure lives away from the streets.

Children like 16-year-old Zara who was found travelling alone on the rail network after going missing from home.

Zara had been out of school for several months, was struggling with her mental health and would not engage with support. But through regular one-to-one sessions, Railway Children practitioners got to know Zara and built her trust – and, gradually, she began to open up. Today, she is being supported to manage her emotions, re-engage with education and build for her future.

With the number of vulnerable children rising all the time, the money raised from this tour will help Railway Children reach more children, before it’s too late.