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Uncomfortable night: Lasting change – it can only be the Big Station Sleepout!

On Thursday, 14th March, over 400 amazing individuals spent the night on a hard, cold train station floor to raise money and awareness for vulnerable children on streets and at transport hubs around the world.

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Life without luxuries

From pig onesies to sleeping bag suits, fleece airbeds to fluffy socks, participants did what they could to keep warm (aided by their Railway Children bobble hats!).

But everyone taking part knew they could look forward to a shower and the safety of a warm bed and shelter following their uncomfortable night – luxuries that remain out of reach for many thousands of the vulnerable children and young people we help. 

So far, the night has raised a staggering £152,500 – and money is still coming in. 

Thanks to sponsorship from VolkerRail and the support of Network Rail, all the money raised will go straight to support vulnerable children, young people and their families who desperately need our help.