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Help stop Coronavirus claiming more children’s lives

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world for all of us. It has left societies altered, economies battered, businesses destroyed and communities devastated. It has taken over a million lives and forced millions more into chaos. But what it leaves behind could be even worse.

Coronavirus is destroying lives and livelihoods

India has recorded over five million cases of Coronavirus alone. Hunger and desperation are making the country’s children even more vulnerable than ever – with many forced to become victims of trafficking, child labour, exploitation and early marriage. Thousands have already been left with no education, no homes and no food.

Sanjeev's life was torn apart

Sanjeev's life was torn apart

We found 13-year-old Sanjeev collecting rubbish at the station in Delhi. His family is among thousands forced to survive in dangerous, dirty slum communities, their desperation making them easy targets for trafficking and exploitation.

Our teams have an established presence at many of India’s stations, where these slum communities are growing, so are now working within them to identify the children and families that need our support the most.

They have already identified 6,000 children that urgently need our help.

With your support we can keep them safe from the virus and its devastating impact.

Together we will leave no child behind this Christmas.


Your donation will support children and families across all the countries we work in.
Wherever possible we gained consent of the children pictured in accordance with our child protection policy. Names have been changed and models used to protect identities.