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Help us fight the virus on Tanzania's streets

As the impact of coronavirus continues to be felt across the world, our teams in East Africa are facing a huge challenge to keep the children we work with there safe.

Many of them have no place to call home, a lot of the families we support have lost income and some entire communities face a lack of hygiene and washing facilities.

This virus has the potential to devastate this already vulnerable population.

This video message from our Director of Programmes, Pete Kent, explains the extreme challenges children in Tanzania are facing.

Our teams are working hard to provide life-saving support in the following ways:

  • Schools across Tanzania have closed forcing children to stay home with their families, many of them in extreme poverty. For many the food provided at school was the one meal a day they could rely on. Without it they face desperate hunger so we are trying to provide food parcels for the families most in need.

An emergency food parcel to feed a family in Tanzania costs £22

  • Children living on the streets are particularly vulnerable now. We're trying to provide masks for them, two each which they can wash & reuse, otherwise they are forced to collect discarded ones they find on the streets & wear them instead.

Providing two face masks each for 20 children costs £40

  • Our teams are following guidelines on how to keep themselves and the children we work with safe but in order to do so we need to equip them with thermometers to check children’s temperatures and with protective clothing to protect themselves.

A box of gloves, two masks and a thermometer for five members of staff costs £65

  • Our community champions are providing a vital lifeline for children living on the streets in these difficult times. They are offering cleanliness and hygiene advice and we are trying to provide all of them with buckets, soap and hand sanitiser so children have somewhere to wash their hands.

Two buckets, a bar of soap and sanitiser for five champions costs £175

No-one predicted this pandemic and we need to find additional funds to ensure we cope with these sudden demands on our services as well as continuing our vital work.

With your help we can protect the children we work with and our own teams from coronavirus.

We need to make sure we can still be there for children who have no-one else to care for them as East Africa recovers from the crisis. Children like Elias and his little brother Albin who we were able to support when their mum’s business was hit by the virus. 

Read Elias' story


Your support will help us reach and protect children and their families in East Africa, India and here in the UK.