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Ever since Covid, our teams in India have been working directly within the slum communities that sprawl alongside the country’s railway lines, within inches of passing trains. They are ramshackle villages housing thousands of families surviving in extreme poverty.

75% of those within these communities cannot read or write.

This means they cannot access the support and services that could change the course of their lives and their children’s futures.


With official ID cards children can be vaccinated against disease, offered emergency or routine healthcare and get enrolled for school and given the chance to learn. Families can access funding that could make the difference between them going hungry or being able to provide for their children. A gift today can help open those doors.

It costs £22 for our teams to help 10 families register for official ID cards

All these families need is a bit of our time and support with the paperwork and admin, and then they can be registered with the authorities and start to transform their lives. It’s such a little thing, but it can make a world of difference.

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Like it did for Priya, a 12-year-old girl living with her parents and seven siblings in a slum community in Delhi.

We’ve helped the family with emergency food parcels during the pandemic and made sure all the children have ID cards too. Priya’s life is far from easy, but armed with all her official documentation she is studying hard and rather than being defined by her situation, she is thriving. She has developed into a natural leader within our children’s activity centres and is now inspiring others and encouraging more children in the slums to come forward for support.

"You gave me a voice and taught me how to use it." 


Help us reach and support more children like Priya


There are 68 more children within that slum community that still need registering for ID cards so they can follow in Priya’s footsteps and go on to make the most of opportunities available to them.

And across the ten areas we are working in India there are 3,111 children that we know of without proper documentation.

So this Christmas, help us give these children cards that will change their lives, open doors and set them on a path to a better, brighter future.