We want to say a great big thank you

Recent times have tested all of us – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. But as a charity we’ve managed to survive through these challenges and keep delivering our vital services to children around the world at a time when they’ve needed us more than ever. We simply could not have done this without the incredible support of you, our supporters.

Thanks to you we’ve helped thousands of children around the world in the middle of a terrifying pandemic.


We’ve offered support, advice and hygiene services to children living on Tanzania’s streets and provided emergency food parcels for families in India’s slums facing starvation. In the UK we’ve seen the levels of vulnerability in young people rise, and with your help we’ve been able to reach them.

We also want to thank our amazing frontline staff around the world.

Despite everything that has been thrown at them, they’ve continued to reach the children that need us most. They’ve risked their own lives and overcome their own fears and worries to support those who had no-one else to care for and protect them.

Meet Deepak – our outreach worker in India

During both of India’s deadly waves of coronavirus he has been out in slum communities delivering food and reaching the families in desperate need. This was at the same time as anxiously awaiting the birth of his first child and even when his own mother became ill with Covid – Deepak overcame his own fears to make sure children who faced starvation had something to eat and that they could protect themselves from the virus. As soon as Deepak’s mother started to recover and he knew she was out of danger, he was back out delivering food parcels to desperate families and children.

Thanks to people like Deepak we’ve helped hundreds of families survive the impact of Covid in India.

"Helping people in trouble at the right time and uniting missing and lost children with their parents is what motivates me every day in my job"

We are so proud of the dedication and commitment shown by all our project workers and want to thank them so much for the work they have continued to do.

Thanks to them, and thanks to you, we’ve kept children and families around the world safe in the face of extreme adversity.