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Thanks to you we’ve achieved some incredible things

Over the last five years the world has been through a lot of challenges. And thanks to your ongoing support, Railway Children has faced them head on and come through recent events stronger than ever.

With you by our side we've been able to change the lives of thousands of children in India, East Africa and the UK.

You should be so proud of the impact you have had.


Since 2017, thanks to your support, we’ve reached 68,655 children who were alone and at risk.

Children like Isha, who ran away from a violent and abusive husband she was forced to marry at the age of 13. She was found at Ghaziabad station distressed, hungry and with no idea where to go next.

Read Isha's story >

You’ve helped us reunite 18,133 children with their families.

Like 11-year-old Jamal who ran away from home after living in a violent and difficult family situation. But life on the streets was far worse. He was in terrible danger and struggling to survive on the streets of Mwanza when we met him. 

Read Jamal's story >

Your support has helped us train 44,680 people to identify and protect vulnerable children.

Like the staff of Avanti, as their community manager Joanna Buckley said: "This training is already really helping frontline colleagues be aware of how to identify and respond to vulnerable children."

We couldn’t have done any of this alone.

Together we can keep changing lives for years to come...


As we look forward and start planning the next five years, we know we’ll keep reaching and protecting some of the world’s most vulnerable children with your help. Our new five-year strategy vows to keep changing lives, breaking cycles, challenging perceptions and raising awareness of the issues so many children face around the world.

We know that with your help the next five years will have even more impact on so many lives so thank you for everything you do for us and the children we support.