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Together we have reached and protected over 14,000 children in India, East Africa and the UK over the last year.

It’s been another challenging year, with many of us still rebuilding from the aftermath of Covid and the rise in the cost of living putting a huge strain on families – especially those already vulnerable.

But your support has made an unbelievable difference to thousands of children and families and will build safer, brighter futures.


You have transformed the lives of children, families and whole communities over the last year, and with your help we’ll continue to do that for many years to come.

In India, we have protected more than 10,000 children living at and around railway stations during the last year alone.

Thanks to your support we have continued and expanded our work at railway stations across India, ensuring we are there to protect every child when they are at their most vulnerable. This includes expanding our work to cover the Delhi-Howrah Mainline, to create a safety net across one of the country’s most extensive and chaotic railway lines, so we can protect more children like Neeraj.

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In the UK, we provided vital support and advice to 1,106 young people.

And now we have added a fifth Safeguarding Action Group, to bring people together to actively identify and report concerns they have for those who are at risk on the rail network.

This has enabled us to expand the safety net further across the UK to keep even more young people safe so we can protect and support them, just like we did with Charlotte.

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In Tanzania, we provided support to 2,393 children and young people across three cities.

We have adapted our Child Help Desk model from India’s railway stations and created desks at Tanzania’s bus terminals to protect children when they first arrive on the streets and are most at risk.

The lives of these children are often typified by abuse, trauma and neglect. Juma was one of the children we were able to reach thanks to the new help desks, and provide him with emergency support.

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Together we made a huge impact in 2022 and we know that with your ongoing support we can be there for more children and families throughout 2023.