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Without your help... this girl can't

Millions of children around the world need us, but some are harder to help than others.


No children should have to face violence, trafficking, abuse and exploitation on a daily basis. But they do. It leaves them traumatised, terrified, angry and struggling to trust other people or look forward to their own futures. This is the case for all the children we support around the world. 

But the level of damage suffered by the girls we work with is even greater. 


Girls are harder to find on the streets as they are grabbed quickly and hidden away in brothels. Sometimes they are left pregnant, rejected by their families, or with sexually transmitted diseases. Others suffer from long-term health problems caused by the terrible conditions where they have been forced to work. Many are trapped in abusive marriages or relationships and have been groomed to the extent that they are completely controlled by someone they think loves them. 


No matter what these girls have been through, they are all left emotionally destroyed.


We need your help to get to these girls before it’s too late. We need to reach them before they experience a level of physical, emotional and psychological trauma that it is impossible to recover from. We need to make sure we can be there with the practical and emotional support they need, and for as long as it takes.



Watch our film to see how we’re supporting girls in Africa, India and the UK this Christmas.