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Employee fundraising

We have a strong background in engaging and encouraging employee-led activities and are able to create and support a strong fundraising programme.

Employee fundraising not only allows us to deliver greater impact, but engaging employees in a fun and motivating way significantly increases employee awareness of the partnership throughout the company.

This further embeds charitable support into the organisation’s culture and increases awareness and support for all joint activities and initiatives. 

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Volkerrail Rail Rugby

Payroll Giving

Research shows that there are real business benefits to offering payroll giving to employees. You can increase and monitor your business' charitable giving, improve company image, demonstrate social responsibility and show commitment to staff with little cost or effort.

We have communications for payroll givers, which includes a welcome pack and regular updates about how their money is being spent. We can also work with you to create bespoke communications that complement your internal communications and channels.

Find out more about how to set up or donate via a payroll scheme.

Safeguarding on Transport 

Protect vulnerable people on UK transport networks by supporting our Safeguarding on Transport initiative. The programme focuses on identifying and supporting vulnerable children and adults who use the UK transport system.

As well as providing safeguarding awareness training for your employees we can also work with you to develop a safeguarding strategy and delivery plans that meet the Department for Transport’s new safeguarding requirements.

Find out more about the programme.



Funds donated to the charity will be used wisely and wherever the need is greatest to support vulnerable children living on the streets.

We will ensure that your donation works hard to fund and expand vital work with some of the world’s most vulnerable children at risk on the streets. Your support allows us to continue our lifesaving work. 

In the year 2013/2014, our corporate supporters helped us to reach 20,258 living alone and at risk on the streets.

Utilising your expertise

Railway Children is the leading expert in the field of street children and deliver high impact through a relatively small organisation and limited resources. Skills based volunteering can therefore deliver significant value.

Consultations and advice in areas where we have little or no resource can provide invaluable support and enable us to work on projects which we may not otherwise be able to undertake. 

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Events participation

Events participation

Railway Children’s annual events programme provides opportunities for individuals or teams to participate in UK and international events and activities. Team events such as our annual Three Peaks Challenge by Rail event - the only event in the UK to provide rail transport for the entire event - provide the opportunity for team building and networking with senior staff from other rail companies.

We can also work with you to develop bespoke events that are managed by Railway Children's events team, which could form part of an overall business objective such as team building. 

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship of significant events deliver awareness, recognition and marketing for the event sponsor and increases the reach and impact of the partnership. Sponsorship also enables Railway Children to direct as much funding as possible to the children who need it.

Commercial marketing opportunities include the Railway Ball our unique annual Three Peaks by Rail event and Rail Rugby.

Read about Keolis' sponsorship of the Tour de Yorkshire cycling event.


Contact us

We'd love to discuss how your organisation could work with Railway Children.

Please contact Catherine Gresty, our Corporate Partnerships Manager, on 01270 757596 or email

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