Activity centres help children in India take control of their lives

Whether it’s investigating the issues in their community and what they can do about them, developing a new skill or learning the essentials of personal hygiene and health, our Child Activity Centres in India are equipping children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Child Activity Centres provide advice, assistance and support to children and parents who may otherwise struggle to access services. For many children living on the streets, these activity centres provide a vital safe space to learn and grow.

Through regular meetups at the centres, parents build support networks as well as learning what government help is available to them. Alongside this, they are taught the importance of education and good nutrition for their children.

The power of education

The power of education

Hand in hand with educating parents, these centres also run classes for young people who may be unable to attend traditional school settings due to poverty or the distractions of a life of survival on the streets.

Following completion of their schooling at the centres, many children go on to study vocational skills – improving their chances of earning an income and building a brighter future.

A two-way street

A two-way street

But the benefits of the centres are two-way. While children and parents are given guidance and support, they also play their part in transforming their communities.

Through regular sessions, children identify and discuss the issues that affect them in their community – and work together to find solutions. At a recent meeting, a group of children discussed a friend who had dropped out of school and the impact this would have on his future. They invited the friend to the group and spoke with him the importance of education, also encouraging the boy’s parents to keep him in school.

This is just one way that Child Activity Centres are impacting lives beyond just those who walk through the doors.

Each day, across India, these centres are equipping and enabling children and families to take control of their lives and bring about positive change in their communities.