Railway Children Africa is hosting a free, online conference on 7th and 8th September 2021. The event will draw on more than a decade's experience of reaching and protecting children living and working on the streets of East Africa. We will examine what drives children to find sanctuary on the streets and share developed methodologies to intervene and protect them from further harm or to intervene and support them to reintegrate in communities and safe families.

Street connected children and youth are one of the hardest to reach populations in society. They have often been forced into the harsh environment after escaping serious issues at home such as neglect, poverty, physical and sexual abuse, family breakdown and violence. Once on the streets, they experience further harm, often from adults, which makes it even harder for them to trust service providers who are genuinely trying to help them.

This conference will share Railway Children Africa's experience in gaining that trust, and working to address the root causes of children running away to the streets. We will bring together other professionals and organisations from the sector to share innovative, ground-breaking interventions across the two days. There will be a series of sessions led by local and international experts and practitioners in the field as well as opportunities to identify potential initiatives for joint programming.

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