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We met Godfrey* when he was 17, struggling with addiction and begging or stealing to survive.

He joined one of our Youth Associations and started attending sessions on health, as well as learning basic life skills.

Godfrey thrived, enrolled on a business training course and graduated with a grant to buy six chickens and set up a small poultry farm. Godfrey’s business has blossomed and he now earns enough to pay rent, buy clothes, eat well and inspire others in the community too.

Now Godfrey is a role model for others on the streets, inspiring them to improve their situations.

He said:

“I can’t thank you enough for the support you offered. Now I have my own room, I pay rent and have a bed, bed sheets, a cooking stove, utensils and I am respected by the local community.”

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*Name has been changed.