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Janhvee was 16 when we found her alone at Villupurum station.

Her mum had died, her dad had re-married and she was not happy at home. She didn’t get on well with her step-mother and she had several siblings so family life was chaotic and sometimes tense.

She also struggled at school with the work as she was a slow learner and lacked confidence due to the fact she had speech difficulties that made her stutter. Eventually she became so upset that she dropped out and decided to run away.

Luckily, we found her before those looking to traffic, abuse and exploit children did. We made sure she was safe and were able to help Janhvee with counselling and support which we also offered to her family so they could better understand how she felt.

After a while we were able to settle her back at home, and make sure the whole family was happy and thriving together.