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Michael was just 13 years old when he ran away from home looking for a better life.

After his parents separated Michael's mother began working away, so he lived with his grandfather where he only had one meal a day and experienced severe hardship. Michael felt unloved and uncared for so escaped to the streets looking for a way to support himself.


We met Michael after he had lived and worked on the streets for over a year 


He told us he had faced many challenges whilst living on the streets; food was scarce, he often struggled to find a place to sleep and was beaten by older children on the streets.

Luckily our staff met him during outreach activities in Mwanza, helping him access medical support, life skills courses such as hygiene education and sessions on children’s rights and join a youth association to enable him to support himself.


A fresh start for Michael and his mother


Michael learnt the skills needed to keep poultry and was provided with a start-up grant to buy some chickens to kick-start his business. His mother was also given business management training and a start-up grant to establish a sardine and vegetable business to allow her to support both herself and Michael. They were then able to live together once again.

Michael is now thriving, he still takes care of his poultry and has been learning construction work in his spare time. 

He is happy at home and his relationship with his mother is better than ever.