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Safety means something different to each and every child

Sarika*, aged 13, told us that being with her parents and family makes her feel safe.

Unfortunately, she was separated from her family when she went to Ghaziabad to take care of her aunt and uncle for a month.

When Sarika tried to return home to her parents, they refused to let her leave or speak to mother and father. She was there for eight months before she eventually ran away, with no clear plan on how to get home, putting herself in a vulnerable and dangerous situation.

Luckily she was found by safe hands at a station in Delhi and referred to the Railway Children India team.

When we met Sarika she was visibly afraid, but thanks to your support we were able to keep her safe when she needed it most. We gave her food, water and a bed for the night while we got in touch with her father and ensured she could be reunited with her family.

She is now relieved to be back home living with her mother, father and three older brothers, and is looking forward to returning to school to continue her studies.

*Name and identity has been changed.