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Meet Seshadev

Seshadev* was 15 when our team found him at the station in Bhubaneswar, India, where he was looking for work.


He had overheard his parents talking and realised they were struggling to provide for their children, so he decided he would be better off leaving home and supporting himself, despite the dangers of running away. 

Luckily our team found him before those looking for vulnerable children to exploit into child labour did. 

Our welfare team contacted his family and explained to Seshadev and his parents the dangers he had faced at the railway station and the risk he took by running away from a safe environment. 

Once we were happy that he would not leave again, we took him back home and reunited him with his mother and father. 

We continued to follow up with them for a while to make sure they were thriving as a stronger safer family unit and were able to support themselves properly. Seshadev is now safe and settled, thanks to support from people like you. 

*Name has been changed to protect child's privacy.