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Shukrani* lost her father when she was just five leaving her mother struggling to provide for the family. Desperate and hungry she took to the streets at 14. She had no choice but to earn money through prostitution.

At 15 she found herself pregnant and was forced to marry an older, abusive man. He often made her and her baby sleep outside with no food and no covers.

Eventually Shukrani escaped from him, deciding instead to take her chances back on the streets. But this was even worse and one night she was beaten so badly she ended up in hospital for three days. Luckily, that’s when we met her.

Our teams enrolled Shukrani with our youth association, helped her access training and counselling, and gave her a grant to set up her own small business. Now she supports herself and her children, pays her own rent and has saved enough to buy some land to build a house.

Now Shukrani has choices and a safe future for her family.

*Names and identities have been changed.​