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Our Whistleblowing Policy

We are committed to ensuring that all of our staff and any person representing Railway Children upholds our values, adheres to all our policies and does nothing inside or outside of work that could damage the reputation of Railway Children.

It is important that any act of fraud, abuse towards a child, misconduct or any other form of wrongdoing by staff or others working on behalf of RC is reported and properly dealt with. Our whistleblowing policy should be viewed as an opportunity to encourage staff to play their part in improving the overall effectiveness and success of our work. By creating an atmosphere of openness and trust, we can ensure that Railway Children is committed to eradicating unethical and illegal practices which previously may have been going on unnoticed.

We therefore expect all individuals to raise any concerns they have about the conduct of others in the organisation and/or how the organisation is run.

The policy below sets out how we intend to promote a culture whereby anyone can raise concerns about any irregularity or suspected irregularity involving any person or people involved with Railway Children. It also outlines how a person can raise a concern and how these concerns will be dealt with. 


Whistleblowing Policy) Whistleblowing Policy

Railway Children's Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure