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Together, we can help protect vulnerable children from trafficking

Global crises, climate change and the related pressures of poverty and family breakdown are causing trafficking risks to increase*.

There are approximately 100 million children in India living in poverty, each of them at a heightened risk of exploitation. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, marginalised families have been forced to send their children to work to make ends meet – and with many industries in need of cheap labour, vulnerable young people are a primary target for traffickers.

Having worked in India since 1996, we know where the greatest dangers lie for these children. We’re focusing our life-changing interventions where they’re needed most – the Delhi-Howrah mainline.

This 1,900km section of the country’s extensive and chaotic rail network connects Delhi and Kolkata, crossing northern and eastern India and linking 402 stations.

Despite being a vital part of the county’s infrastructure, the Delhi-Howrah network is a key route for unsafe migration and child trafficking for the purposes of forced labour, child marriage and sexual exploitation.

We’re saying enough is enough.

Will you join us on our mission to help ensure no child is lost to a web of trafficking and exploitation? 

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Joining forces to target traffickers and keep children safe

With the risk of child trafficking on the rise, the work we do is more important than ever.

Our vigilant outreach teams work closely with the Government Railway Police and Railway Protection Force to identify and stop traffickers before they cause harm, using announcement systems and CCTV cameras for monitoring suspicious activities.

Together, we work round the clock to reach children who arrive alone at railway stations, ensuring
they have a safe place to go and are reunited with their families whenever possible. They are offered ongoing support with re-enrolment in school, counselling, vocational training, healthcare and social welfare schemes.

Thanks to your support, 1,419 children have been protected on the Delhi-Howrah mainline in the last year. 

But even with the whole rail community joining forces, we can’t achieve this alone. That’s why we’re working with India’s decision-makers and authorities to establish a united response to create a safer network for everyone. 

Together, with your support, we can help ensure every child has a happy and safe childhood.  


*UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons