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Who we are 

Railway Children is a children’s charity that helps and supports young people to stay safe. We are independent and not part of social services or the police.


What we do 

British Transport Police tell us about young people they have spoken to because they felt they were at risk. We contact you to see if you need any help.


How we can help

We support young people who have been found in dangerous situations at the station or on the railways or who may be going through a tough time with their emotional wellbeing.

We visit young people and their families/carers to provide direct support sessions along with advocacy & advice and we can liaise with other professionals you may be working with.

We can then work together for a number of weeks or months depending on what you need and want. Our staff are experienced youth workers, teachers, family workers and social workers who engage directly with young people and families to help make positive changes.

We can also help with 

  • talking to other people on your behalf
  • issues around school
  • supporting you in meetings with any other professionals
  • accessing support groups
  • working through your thoughts and feelings
  • focusing on your wellbeing
  • working with you on issues that matter to you

We can help in various ways:

Meeting up with you, talking on the phone, listening to you about any difficulties you are having and what you would like to happen next.

Other sources of free, confidential help

One of the young people we’ve worked with said:

I would tell anyone who doesn’t want to work with Railway Children that they really helped me when I wasn’t doing well and they completely benefitted my mental health when nobody else did so I would definitely recommend.